Sabriel's Everlasting Birthday Challenge

Because Everyone Deserves some Sam/Gabriel on Their Birthday!

Sabriel Everlasting Birthday Challenge
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A Community for the Gifting of Birthday fic consisting of the Supernatural pairing Sabriel
This Community was spawned as a result of the DeanCastiel community's Everlasting Birthday Challenge and the Creator decided it was time Sam and Gabriel got the same treatment!

Community was formed with the permission of DeanCastiel and claims NO OWNERSHIP to the Icon currently in use.

How it works:

- You comment on the Leaving Prompts Post with your username, birthday, and up to four (4) prompts.

- Others will claim your prompt(s) at the Claiming Prompt Post.

- On your birthday, they post their gift(s) for you!

- After your birthday has passed, you're free to put some more prompts down at the Leaving Prompts Post for the following year. You may re-prompt those that weren't filled if you would still like to see someone do something with them.

- At the end or beginning of each month, the mods will add all of the new gifts to the Gift List where everyone will be able to enjoy them and they’ll be a lot easier to find later on. ♥

Rules for gift claiming, making and posting:

- Gifts may be in any form of media: fic, art, pic-spam, vid, etc.

- When claiming a prompt, please make sure to put down what kind of media you will be doing.

- A prompt may be claimed by more than one user at a time but by only one kind of media; ie. 3 users, one fic, one vid, and one drawing.

- There really isn’t a max or mid on words for stories but I would say if anything just try to make it like something that you would like to get. (If it becomes too much of a problem, then we’ll put a mid count on the words.)

- Should be posted either the day before or on the birthday, unless you have talk to a mod so that when we can let the person know that the gift will be a few days late. This will only be along though for a few very good reason. We will do our best to send out reminder but it will really be up to you to remember when to post your gift.

-You may either post your gift to your own journal or site of chose and then post a link to it on the community or you may post to the actual community itself.

When posting either a link or your gift to the community, you may use any kind of header that you wish but the following have to at least be in it, in some way:

If you have any questions please feel free to post them on the FAQ Post or e-mail us at sabrielbdaymodsATyahooDOTcom

-The Mods

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